About the Speechwriter

The Speechwriter

Your speech will be written by a former after-dinner speaker who has had many years experience of making presentations at all kinds of functions whether it is a family party, a wedding, a company dinner, a business conference, a sporting function or a formal black-tie occasion.
Since retiring from professional speechmaking, he has used his massive bank of stories to construct presentations for others and for a number of years has calmed a few nerves and relieved a few minds by producing complete personalised speeches. Humour will, of course, be an essential ingredient, though it will never go beyond your own tastes and will always have your audience in mind.
Your Speechwriter has received many plaudits over the years and has clients who come back to him time and time again.

How Much Will it Cost?

Provided you supply the basic material, the cost of a 10 minute speech is likely to be around £75. Longer speeches or those requiring research will cost more but a firm quotation will always be given on request.

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